Burns Transportation Experts Participate in Panel at Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference

Bill Wiedmann Talks Railroad Highway Crossing Operations and Technology, Eileen Collins Moderates at Transportation Engineering and Safety ConferenceOn Wednesday, December 7th at 1:30pm, Bill Wiedmann, MIRSE, will present ‘Get Me Across Safely’ – Railroad Highway Crossing Operation and Technology at the 2016 Transportation Engineering and Safety Conference (TESC) in State College, PA. Bill’s presentation, part of the Signalized Operations panel, will explore different types of rail/highway crossings to gain a better understanding of operations at crossings. He will discuss crossing development, how a crossing knows when a train is coming, why some crossings make you wait longer than others, Constant Warning Time, two quadrant versus four quadrant gates at crossings, quiet zones, and the latest in train detection technology. Bill’s presentation will finish with a preview of what’s on the horizon for signalized operations at crossings.

Eileen Collins, PE, PTOE, Traffic Project Manager at Burns, is moderating this Signalized Operations session.  The panel will discuss the use of contraflow lanes at signalized operations, railroad grade crossings and signal technology, as well as advances the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s District 6-0 has made with signal architecture, performance monitoring, and deployment of adaptive signals.

The 2016 TESC gathers professionals from Pennsylvania, the mid-Atlantic region, and the across the country, and delivers authoritative information on pressing issues from some of the foremost experts in transportation today.

Click here for more information on the 2016 TESC.

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