Burns Engineering provides differentiated professional engineering design and project management services for transportation, facilities, and infrastructure projects. We help our clients attain their strategic goals and initiatives through successful large-scale infrastructure projects.

Our primary focus is to create solutions for the toughest engineering challenges, and deliver on our promise to help our clients be successful. We continually inspire one another with innovative thinking, and inspire our clients with a collaborative, hands-on approach that delivers real results.

Inspire with innovative ideas and a collaborative approach
Create solutions for our clients' toughest engineering challenges
Deliver on our promise to help our clients succeed

We help our clients achieve their goals via large-scale projects that:

  • Provide safe, reliable transportation
  • Increase operating capacity
  • Extend infrastructure life
  • Reduce environmental impact and energy consumption
  • Transform and grow built environments and assets
  • Protect citizens, and preserve infrastructure and resources
  • Deliver cutting-edge solutions to information technology infrastructure demands