Robert C. Burns

Robert C. Burns in the new TWA Terminal at Idlewild Airport (now JFK International Airport)

Burns Engineering, Inc. began as Robert C. Burns Associates, a Philadelphia-based consulting firm founded in 1957 by Robert C. Burns and his two original associates; Howard Murray and Jack Cooper. Burns Associates was made up of three employees and provided engineering consulting services, its main client being the Philadelphia International Airport. Growth of Burns Associates took off in 1960 when Robert C. Burns Associates was incorporated.  In 1992, Robert C. Burns retired from engineering, and Matthew Burns became the President/CEO, and John Burns the Senior Vice President of Burns Engineering, Inc.

On October 11, 1999, a trademarked brand, The Burns Group, was created. The Burns Group consisted of Burns Engineering and Burns Infrastructure. Burns Infrastructure L.P., a construction company which offered Design/Build and Construction Management Services, was dissolved in early 2009.  In January 2016, we went through a logo refresh and rebranding to capture the energy we feel as a firm as we grow and evolve to meet our clients’ changing needs.  The Burns Group brand was retired as part of this corporate identity update.

Today, Burns Engineering is an engineering and design firm offering professional services for the construction of transportation, facilities and infrastructure projects. Burns Engineering is a corporation, incorporated in Pennsylvania and is the successor to Robert C. Burns Associates, Inc.

From the start of Robert C. Burns Associates to present day, the firm has gradually grown from three employees to close to 200 employees, with annual revenues of approximately $36 million. We have grown outside of our Philadelphia headquarters maintaining offices in nine other states.