David Smith Presenting Poster At 2015 Idea Conference

On Monday, June 29th, Dave Smith will present “The Philadelphia Navy Yard Advanced Microgrid: An Integrated Platform for Energy Efficiency, Distributed Generation and Resilience” during the poster session at the 2015 IDEAConference in Boston. Dave’s poster will highlight how an advanced microgrid can serve as an integrated platform for energy efficiency, low carbon distributed generation, clean renewable power, energy storage, and smart buildings, with the goal of creating optimized energy infrastructure and resilience with a payback.

The Annual IDEA Conference is an international forum shaping the next generation of energy for cities, bringing together experienced global industry leaders from across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discuss and debate the state and the future of energy. IDEA 2015 will explore best practices in developing, owning and operating district energy, CHP & microgrids in cities, drawing from local operations including campuses, pharma and biomedical industries, and medical institutions.

Dave has 30 years of energy industry experience with a background in energy efficiency, onsite power, renewable energy, microgrids, project finance, innovative technologies, sustainability, planning and public policy. Dave has spoken at many industry events, and has been a guest lecturer at The Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, and Green Mountain College, speaking on topics ranging from sustainable energy systems, smart grids, distributed energy, advanced microgrids, and energy resilience.

Dave is currently working on several microgrid projects and initiatives, including the Advanced Microgrid Implementation at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, and the Department of Energy’s Microgrid Research, Development, and System Design Grant Program. Dave is also a part of the US-China Smart Grid/Microgrid Working Group.

Click here to view Dave’s poster.

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