Michael Walton Promoted To Director Of Advanced Power Systems

Michael Walton, PE, was recently promoted to Director of Advanced Power Systems at Burns. Mike’s nearly 20 years of experience in power systems began in the field with his father’s electrical contracting business, and has developed an expert understanding of power systems engineering, maintenance, and installation. Most recently, Mike was instrumental in the design and implementation of The Navy Yard’s Grid Modernization Program, which included deployment of smart meters across the campus, new smart substation communications, and a network operating center with advanced power systems.

As an expert in the energy and utility sector, Mike has presented at conferences and lead panel discussions. At the 2015 Globalcon Conference in Philadelphia, Mike organized a panel of energy experts that met to answer the question “Why do I want a microgrid system?”. The panel was comprised of leaders from communities, transit agencies, universities and commercial developments. Their session focused on different perspectives on microgrids, and overviewed each organizations’ decisions to develop and implement microgrid technology. Mike has been with Burns for 12 years since graduating from Drexel University’s power program. He is on the board of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Energy Engineers, and is a member of IEEE.

In his new role as Director of Advanced Power Systems, Mike will lead the team in full-service power engineering and grid communications in the highly specialized areas of power distribution, distributed generation, energy storage, smart meters, SCADA/DMS/EMS, and building to grid communications.

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