David Smith Participating In Energy Panel At Harvard University

As part of his 35th reunion, David Smith will speak on the “Energy, Carbon and the Clean Pivot” panel at Harvard University on May 25th. Dave will discuss the transformation of the global electric grid as electricity and IT converge, and as distributed and renewable energy proliferate at the edge of the grid. Joining him on the panel are fellow graduates Dr. Robert Stowe, Executive Director – Harvard Environmental Economics, Bob DiMatteo, Chairman of MTPV, a renewable energy technology company, and Morrow Cater, President and Founding Principal of Cater Communications, a public policy strategy and communications firm. The panel discussion will focus on the major disruption happening in energy and the electric utility industry as distributed renewable energies become increasingly cost competitive with fossil fuels, and will look at policies, technologies, and trends that will impact the transition to cleaner, more resilient energy systems and infrastructure.

Dave, Director of Energy Services at Burns, is a graduate of Harvard University, class of 1981. He has over 30 years of diverse energy industry and entrepreneurial experience with a background in efficiency, clean energy, project finance, and advanced energy infrastructure. Dave’s focus is on the grid “edge” where the convergence of real-time data, cleaner distributed generation, energy storage, and resilient microgrids are emerging to de-carbonize and strengthen the global electric grid.

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