Burns Upgrades Power to Passenger Loading Bridges at Nashville Airport

As part of Nashville International Airport’s effort to replace all passenger boarding bridges in Terminals A, B and C, Burns recently completed a project to provide ground power (both 400Hz and 28VDC) at every gate. The original system, installed in the mid-1980’s, received piecemeal changes throughout the equipment’s operating life span, however a more comprehensive update was needed.

Burns’ effort included an assessment of the need for additional central 400Hz capacity in Terminal C based on the future fleet mix, gate usage, and existing commercially viable 400Hz equipment. Additional capacity was added to the central system to support the increased power needs at each gate.

The goal of this project was to work closely with the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority and the prime consultant, I.C. Thomasson, to minimize pitfalls that are common in 400Hz distribution, provide awareness of areas where standard design practices may not be adequate, and optimize existing infrastructure to present the best overall value.

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