Alexis Osborn Named to Woman of the Year Circle

Alexis Osborne

Alexis Osborn, Senior Marketing Associate at Burns, was recently honored by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) as a 2016-2017 inductee into its VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Alexis is recognized with this distinction for her leadership in marketing. “I’m pleased to recognize Alexis with this important honor,” said NAPW President Star Jones. “Her perseverance, work ethic and leadership qualities are an inspiration to all women.”

Alexis grew up surrounded by the engineering industry while her father worked for Greeley and Hansen Engineers in Chicago. After graduating from college, Alexis took a position with her father’s company, and eventually moved up the ladder taking on roles as Construction File Clerk, Office Librarian, Technical Report Typist, Specification Coordinator, and Technical Editor. In 2000, she joined Klein and Hoffman, Inc., where she became fully entrenched with marketing endeavors, and rose through the ranks to become Marketing Manager and Office Manager of the firm’s Philadelphia office. “Both of my parents had a strong work ethic and always encouraged me to put my best foot forward on everything I did,” Alexis said. “The most challenging part of my job is managing my ever-growing to-do list, which is 90% deadline driven. There are a lot of balls juggling in the air at once. If I don’t meet my deadlines, projects won’t come in the door and the team won’t have the opportunity to show our clients the caliber of work we can provide.”

NAPW is the nation’s leading networking organization exclusively for professional women, with more than 850,000 members, a thriving eChapter, and over 200 operating local chapters.

Congratulations to Alexis on this achievement!

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