Tamara Nicholson Attends DC Youth Summit at USDOT with WTS Transportation YOU

DC Summit Transportation you

Tamara Nicholson, a Senior Technical Specialist at Burns, recently attended the DC Youth Summit with the WTS Transportation YOU mentoring program. Tamara proudly serves as a mentor for the organization which offers girls ages 13 to 18 an introduction to a wide array of transportation careers to inspire interest in the industry by exploring the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

The DC Youth Summit provides an opportunity for mentors and mentees from across the country to meet so that the girls can learn about and explore various modes of Transportation and STEM related areas right in the Nation’s Capital! The United States Department of Transportation partners with Transportation YOU for this effort, and it was one of many stops during the Summit.

A panel of amazing women from the Federal Transit Authority, Federal Railroad Administration, Federal Highway Administration, and the Department of Aviation spoke to the girls about their background. They also spoke about their current roles as Planners, Attorneys, and Program/Research/Transportation Specialists, and offered words of wisdom.

DC Summit Transportation you

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