Burns Completes Airport Communications Centers Guidebook for Transportation Research Board

Burns recently completed the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) 10-20 “Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport Communications Centers” for the Transportation Research Board (TRB).

ACRP 10-20 focuses on best practices and approaches for the design, development and implementation of airport communications centers (ACC) at large, medium and small airports. ACC commonly describes the organizational nexus location where a variety of communications functions are coordinated and/or performed at airports, including:

  • Emergency response dispatch (police, fire)
  • Maintenance requests
  • Airport systems monitoring (CCTV, access control)
  • Public address paging
  • Passenger customer service
  • Airside operations
  • Public information response and call centers
  • Maintenance of situational awareness

To develop ACRP 10-20, Burns looked at the foundational tools an airport would use to determine if an ACC would benefit its operation, and used this framework to outline how the airport would implement an ACC project that best complements its needs.

Included in ACRP 10-20 are: the steps needed to scope and tailor the most effective ACC; the project management approach for implementing an ACC project, and; the process for developing a concept of operations (CONOPS), which determines what functions should be included in an ACC and how they can effectively be implemented. ACRP 10-20 also provides recommendations on the construction of the ACC facility, and includes best practices for technology implementation and operation once the ACC has been established.

Burns’ expertise in airport technology systems and operations was an important source of knowledge used in developing this critical airport guidebook.

The TRB provides innovative, research-based solutions to improve transportation, and is part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The ACRP is managed by the TRB and is an applied research program that develops practical solutions to challenges and problems faced by airport operators. The ACRP is sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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