Bradley International Airport Improves Traveler Experience with Consolidated Rental Car Facility

Consolidated Rental Car Facility (CONRAC) rendering at Bradley International Airport

A major shift in airport accessibility over the past several years is the implementation of Consolidated Rental Car Facilities (CONRAC) at medium and large hub airports. This strategy checks all of the boxes for many airport initiatives, including a better passenger experience, greater passenger throughput, consolidation of lease space, and an overall seamless transition from airport arrival to flight check-in. As airports continue to expand their capabilities within their footprint, consolidating rental car services provides a logical method for reclaiming valuable real estate.

At Bradley International Airport, a 1.5 million square foot CONRAC complex is being designed which will streamline customer entry and allow passengers an enclosed path to the terminal to protect them from the elements. This complex will feature rental car parking as well as traditional airport parking, and includes a quick turn-around facility to ensure each car rented has been freshly cleaned and fueled. Burns is part of the design-build team, and is providing mechanical, electrical, electronics, plumbing and fire protection design services to the PGAL-led design team. Interesting elements for this project include hydronic heated slabs and gas fired snow chutes to keep the pavement dry and safe, and 360 degree camera coverage of the facility perimeter to greatly increase the security and safety of passengers.

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