Shady Elshetwy Presenting and Chuck Dennie Moderating at IESALC Fall Technology Conference

Shady Elshetwy

On Wednesday, October 25th at 9:45AM, Shady Elshetwy will present “Rehabilitation of Runway 4R-22L and Associated Taxiways at John F. Kennedy International Airport” at the IESALC Fall Technology Conference in Dallas, TX.

Ranked as the fifth busiest airport in the nation in 2016, John F. Kennedy International Airport has millions of enplanements every year, resulting in a constant need for repairs, rehabilitations and expansions of the infrastructure. In 2015, Runway 4R-22L was slated for rehabilitation by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ). With its Category III Approach capability, Runway 4R is an integral runway at the airport. This required careful planning of phasing and constructability in order to minimize the runway closure period. Shady’s presentation will cover the design and construction of Runway 4R-22L and associated taxiways, and unique project approach methods of the rehabilitation.

An Aeronautical Engineering Associate, Shady has experience with the design and construction of airfield ground lighting systems, including runway, taxiway and approach lighting, and navigational aids and weather instrumentation equipment.

Also on October 25th, Chuck Dennie, PE, LC, LEED AP, will be moderating the Wednesday morning sessions at the Conference from 8:40AM until 12:00PM. Chuck will be moderating “Fact Checking – Lightning Protection of Airfield Lighting Systems”, and “Rehabilitation of Runway 4R-22L and Associated Taxiways at John F. Kennedy International Airport”.

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