Burns Helps Yeager Airport Repair Runway, Install EMAS

Due to a mechanical slope failure on the Runway 5 End at Yeager Airport (Charleston, WV), the airport was forced to temporarily displace the threshold and render all electronic navigational aids out of service until a repair occurred.  The Schnabel-led team designed a new retaining wall and engineered material arresting system (EMAS), and removed the threshold displacement.  As part of the project, Burns is designing the airfield ground lighting systems, and the visual and electronic navigational aids (NAVAIDS).  It is the team’s goal to ensure that Runway 5-23 meets FAA criteria, to remove any notices to airmen (NOTAMS), and to bring all NAVAIDS back online so that Runway 5-23 will be Category I compliant.  Due to the extreme topography of the area, it has been a challenge to identify appropriate locations for FAA equipment.  Through simulated modeling and collaboration with the FAA engineering center, our team will restore full capabilities to this critical regional airport.

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