Congratulations to SEPTA, 2nd Rail Operator in Nation to Fully Implement PTC

The Rail Safety Act of 2008 mandated all rail operators implement life-saving safety systems that would stop collisions and avoid train derailments resulting from speed and signal violations. Left without either the recommended technology or the funding to implement, transit agencies like SEPTA were on their own to find solutions and strategies to meet the nationwide federal mandate.

SEPTA’s 13-line Regional Rail system is extremely sophisticated and complex, spanning 474 track miles and five counties. Up against an aggressive schedule to meet the 2018 deadline, SEPTA needed innovative ways to accelerate the design process, and preserve costs, time, and resources. SEPTA’s new PTC system – comprised of a network of seamlessly integrated smart communication systems – is interoperable with other trains, increases system reliability and redundancy, and ensures the safety of the traveling public. Today, SEPTA is just the second rail operator in the nation to fully implement PTC, and the project has become the prototype for PTC implementations on commuter railroads throughout the Northeast.

Burns is proud to have worked with SEPTA to improve their infrastructure, increase safety, and meet the December 2018 PTC implementation deadline.

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