Interview with Burns Intern Gina Venuto-Gabriella featured in WTS Student Chapter Newsletter

Gina Venuto-Gabriella, Civil Engineering Intern at Burns, was recently interviewed for the WTS Student Chapter Newsletter. 

Gina is a Civil and Environmental Engineering student at Rowan University, and currently serves as the WTS Student Chapter President. 

WTS Philadelphia: Can you explain to students what WTS is all about?

Gina: WTS stands for Women’s Transportation Seminar. The organization is comprised of women and men who are dedicated to supporting the advancement of women in the transportation field!

WTS: What majors and types of companies does the transportation field include?

Gina: Majors include Engineering, Business, Automotive Services & Technology, Planning, Technology, Graphic Design, Human Resources, Architecture, Finance, Accounting, Project Management, Construction Management, and Marketing and Communications, just to name a few. Companies include City agencies (like Philadelphia International Airport, SEPTA, Amtrak, and the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority), engineering and architecture firms, state agencies like PennDOT, and logistics companies. 

WTS: How has your involvement with WTS impacted your academic career? 

Gina: WTS has impacted my academic career in many ways. Since becoming involved, I have been able to meet and coordinate with various professionals in many different aspects of the transportation industry. I have also learned a lot about teamwork and becoming more comfortable in leadership positions; I am better able to assert myself in my classes. In addition, the ability to have my resume reviewed by professionals during resume workshops, and simply coordinating with WTS members via email, has augmented my resume and helped me to advance my academic career.


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