Burns Helps DRPA/PATCO with Roof Evaluations

PATCO Station at Collingswood

DRPA and PATCO have been energetically pursuing many enhancements to the PATCO system. As such, PATCO is embarking on the evaluation of 17 roofs at eight different PATCO locations: Lindenwold, Ashland, Woodcrest, Haddonfield, Westmont, Collingswood, Ferry Ave, and Center Tower. Burns is proud to be DRPA and PATCO’s partner for the PATCO Roof Replacement Project.

The Burns team will be performing existing roof assessment surveys on stations, substations, elevator roofs and maintenance facilities, and will identify each facilities’ roof condition. Following the initial assessment, the team will identify specific strategies, prioritizing for either roof restoration or full replacement and develop construction documents for the facilities.

Through this project, DRPA and PATCO continue to show the importance of stewardship and proactive responsibility of their assets, as they are critical to both PATCO and the community it serves.

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