Burns Leads Redevelopment of Recommended Aviation Security Guidelines for Safe Skies, PARAS Program

PARAS Safe Skies Aviation Security Guidelines

Security recommendations and best practices at airports are ever changing due to the dynamic and aggressive threats to facilities, staff, passengers, and operations. In addition, as airports are accessible, symbolic, have great economic significance and value, and high media imagery, any single attack can easily generate public anxiety. As a result, airports, airport operators and design professionals are always seeking the latest consolidated security industry best practices to incorporate into their projects.

Burns Engineering is leading the redevelopment of the “Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning Design and Construction” document for Safe Skies under the Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS) program. This document will provide regulatory requirements, strategic guidance, risk-based security mitigation design practices, and best practices for aviation security throughout the entire airport ecosystem, which can be utilized from Category X to General Aviation facilities. The final version will simplify readability and provide readers with a consolidated and current guidance document, and it will be configured so that it can be viewed in both print and digital formats with the digital version accounting for online and offline usage to access the applicable reference documents.

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