Burns Supports Major Utility’s Fleet Electrification Goals

Utility service truck fast-charging fleet electrification

Burns recently completed electric vehicle charging infrastructure designs for a major U.S. electric distribution company’s internal fleet, supporting the utility’s electrification and emission-reduction goals. 

During storm events, service crews work around the clock in different shifts. Battery-electric technology advancements for heavy-duty electric vehicles allow crews to avoid idling through use of power-take off (ePTO) systems, relying on the electrified fleet’s batteries for auxiliary power. 

Burns assisted development of a fast-charging solution for the utility’s heavy-duty service trucks. Collaborating with the charging service provider to adjust charging port locations and cord length, Burns ensured charging systems placed on elevated loading docks will be able to access the heavy-duty, hybrid-electric vehicles parked below. 

Burns also designed charging infrastructure necessary to power the light-duty vehicle fleets. Smart charging technology will be utilized to balance daily electricity demand to help manage the transition over time.

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Image courtesy of NAVFAC.

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