Burns Designs Highland Park Resilient Microgrid

View of Highland Park High School - a microgrid will provide resilient, solar-powered electricity during an extended power outage

Burns is supporting the New Jersey Borough of Highland Park with development of a microgrid that will provide resilient, solar-powered electricity for a dozen municipal and privately owned properties.

The microgrid will make Highland Park less vulnerable during power disruptions, potentially improving municipal emergency response capabilities.

Highland Park is among eight municipalities to receive incentives through the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Town Center Distributed Energy Resources (TCDER) Microgrid program. Initiated after Superstorm Sandy, the program funds feasibility and design studies for New Jersey communities to operate independently of the power grid.

Supporting Gabel Associates, Burns will provide electrical designs to connect solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays currently installed on the Borough Hall and Highland Park Fire Station with a combined solar and battery-storage system run by Public Service Electric & Gas Co. (PSE&G).

The microgrid will be designed to operate virtually indefinitely during an extended power outage, providing electricity to community schools, police headquarters, public works facilities, and senior housing.

Learn more about Burns’ smart grid and advanced microgrid capabilities.

Photo: Highland Park High School (courtesy WikiMedia)

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