Electric vehicle charging | Photo courtesy of U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Burns Supports Federal Government’s Zero-Emission Fleet Transition

The federal government is undertaking the largest investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in U.S. history. President Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14057 requires federal agencies purchase 100 percent zero-emission light duty vehicles by 2027, eventually limiting all vehicle procurement to only zero-emission models by 2035. Federal agencies and the U.S. Postal Service together operate nearly… Read More

John Drayton, PMP

National Leader John Drayton Adds to Burns’ Vehicle Electrification Expertise

Burns welcomes the addition of Zero-Emission Mobility National Practice Leader John Drayton, PMP. John has overseen generational advances in vehicle technologies for several of the country’s largest bus fleet operators. He brings a 30-year track record guiding transit agencies throughout the financial, logistical and infrastructure challenges that accompany fleet transitions. “As more fleet operators replace… Read More

Electrifying Bus Depots

Burns’ Guide to Electrifying Transit Agency Bus Depots

Zero-emission buses (ZEBs) are lowering carbon emissions, improving air quality, and helping communities achieve environmental justice goals. With an influx of new funding, transit agencies now find themselves leading the way to an electrified transportation future. A successful ZEB transition involves much more than vehicle selection and procurement. Whether agencies opt for battery-electric buses or… Read More

New Jersey Transit rendering pantograph charging buses

Burns Supports New Jersey Transit’s Zero-Emission Bus Garage Modernization Plan

New Jersey Transit (NJT) plans to transform 16 agency garages as part of a clean-energy strategy that will convert the agency’s entire bus fleet to zero-emission operations by 2040. A multi-stage overhaul of the country’s fifth-largest bus transit system’s maintenance garages will be necessary to accommodate demands of new electric charging infrastructure. Likely upgrades will… Read More

Clean vehicle charging | Photo courtesy of PANYNJ

Burns Advises Port Authority’s Clean Vehicle Strategy

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) is a nationwide leader in the transition to electric vehicle fleets. Ambitious procurement goals have PANYNJ on track to own 100-percent electric light-duty vehicles by 2030 and 50-percent electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2035. With hundreds of vehicles currently located across dozens of facilities,… Read More

Michael P. Walton, PE

Mike Walton, PE Energizes Burns’ Facilities Engineering Services

Burns announces the promotion of Mike Walton, PE to the role of Vice President, Facilities and Infrastructure. Mike leads Burns’ industry-leading suite of advanced-power, zero-emission mobility, and high-performance facility engineering services. Working across disciplines, Mike has a unique ability to bring design solutions to life, effectively communicating with his team, partners and clients to overcome… Read More

Utility service truck fast-charging fleet electrification

Burns Supports Major Utility’s Fleet Electrification Goals

Burns recently completed electric vehicle charging infrastructure designs for a major U.S. electric distribution company’s internal fleet, supporting the utility’s electrification and emission-reduction goals.  During storm events, service crews work around the clock in different shifts. Battery-electric technology advancements for heavy-duty electric vehicles allow crews to avoid idling through use of power-take off (ePTO) systems,… Read More

Bus Charging

Burns Revs Up Electrification Services Across New York

With goals to achieve an 18-fold increase in electric vehicle charging stations by 2025, New York’s electric utilities are undertaking the country’s largest expansion in charging infrastructure outside of California. Burns stands ready to support property owners and fleet operators with fleet electrification planning, design and implementation services. As an Approved Contractor in the Joint… Read More

Aerial view in urban setting with battery-powered aerial craft | Credit: NASA

Burns Explores Airport Security Impacts of Urban Air Mobility

Recent advances in short-range, battery-powered aerial craft technology will soon open airways for safe, efficient transfer of passengers and cargo. To better prepare for the potential impact manned or autonomous systems may have on airport security operations, Burns will coordinate with industry leaders and key airport stakeholders to develop an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) security… Read More

Photo: Michael Walton and Erica Antoine

Zero-Emission Fleet Conference Features Burns Speakers

Don’t miss Burns at this week’s Virtual Conference on Clean Buses in the U.S. Fleet electrification leaders Michael Walton, PE and Erica Antoine, PE will be featured speakers on two of the conference’s 12 live sessions. As electric vehicle adoption gains momentum across the United States, the two-day event will explore how transit agencies and… Read More


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