Bruno Fiorentino, PE

Bruno Fiorentino, PE

Bruno started in the engineering profession almost 30 years ago with projects that helped clients achieve their business operations goals and strategies, while reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Bruno has developed signature approaches to achieving clients’ goals by using his understanding of how buildings with large utility infrastructure can be both efficient and… Read More

Ryan L. Breier

Ryan L. Breier

Ryan is passionate about improving the safety of transit infrastructure. His technical expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of railroad and transit signal and train control systems focuses on vital and non-vital control circuits, radiofrequency technologies, and positive train control (PTC) communication technologies. His dynamic personality coupled with his proactive, goal-oriented work ethic, allow… Read More

John E. Burns

John E. Burns, PE, LEED® AP

At a young age, John realized how great it is to work with people who love engineering, and who enjoy the process of creating solutions for many unique aspects of transportation infrastructure. As the Chief Operating Officer, John is at the center of Burns’ transformation from a small family business to a firm that handles… Read More

Brian Phillips, PE, LEED® AP

Flexible, friendly, follow-through; that’s what people say about working with Brian. That’s why we like working with him, too. A mechanical engineer by training, he always sees the big picture and how all of the parts must come together to create success. Brian persists until his team’s efforts have solved the right problem with the… Read More


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