Maria Stahley headshot

Maria Stahley

Growing up in a railroad family steeped in wayside signal systems, Maria now designs the next generation of communications-based control technologies, creating safer, more-economical and efficient operations for railways and rail-transit systems. With deep knowledge in fiber optics and informational technology systems as well as proficiency in managerial best practices, Maria has quickly established herself… Read More

Jacqueline Haas Baumann headshot

Jacqueline Haas, PE

Jackie excels at facilitating collaborative design strategies, applying her zeal for building analysis to solve a variety of architectural and structural performance challenges. From higher education and public works facilities to railroad and transit structures, Jackie offers clients her cross-sectoral perspective with an eye toward construction feasibility and occupant performance. Employing a combination of tenacity… Read More

Matthew Meier headshot

Matthew Meier, PE, CTS-D

Matthew collaborates with airport clients to create awe-inspiring passenger experiences, unforgettable traveler convenience, enhanced safety conditions, and optimal facility performance. An architectural engineer with expertise in audio-video, information-technology, and other advanced-communication systems, Matthew devotes himself to developing a deep understanding of each client’s goals and program challenges. Time and again, the end result exceeds the… Read More

Brett Flood headshot

Brett Flood

A skilled integrator of Positive Train Control systems with experience in railway signal operations up and down the Northeast Corridor, Brett manages design implementation for a variety of transponder database, wayside interface and Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES) operation projects. Driven to improve system safety through process efficiencies, Brett contributed to the creation of… Read More

Nelson Long headshot

Nelson Long, PE

Listening to the needs of hospital staff, Nelson thrives by solving the most problematic challenges within healthcare facilities. Armed with a thorough understanding of hospital systems including infection control requirements, and more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Nelson has developed a stellar reputation for his management of system improvements that ensure… Read More

Daniel Guralchuk Burns Engineering Advanced Power Systems

Daniel Guralchuk, PE

Daniel’s clients trust him and rely on his ability to deliver high quality results. With a background in power generation and delivery, Dan’s career has focused on maximizing resiliency through optimization of critical infrastructure like turbine generator control systems, generator excitation systems, substation automation and SCADA systems, and medium to high voltage substations. He thrives… Read More

May ElKhattab Receives ACEC/MW Young Professional of the Year Award

May ElKhattab, PE, PMP

May thrives on solving complex engineering challenges that transform ideas into reality while improving the world we live in. For example, for more than 5 years with Engineers Without Borders as a lead volunteer, May spent weeks in Rwanda and Guatemala donating her skills to important sustainability projects that dramatically improved the health and living… Read More

Michael Ehrenberger, Railroad & Transit Project Manager

Michael J. Ehrenberger

An ACSES co-developer and subject matter expert, Mike is an invaluable asset to rail clients as they implement and test Positive Train Control and look to its next generation functionality. Mike is the unique combination of innovator and communicator. With a background in journalism and technology innovation, he is able to see the “big story”… Read More

Jorge E. Davila, PE

A great listener and astute problem solver, Jorge makes sure he is always available when his clients need him and is hyper-focused on their success. His expertise in healthcare power systems and disaster preparedness, critical system design, power distribution and generation, and power quality has helped his clients improve the safety and resilience of their… Read More

Dimitri D. Dumerlin, LEED® AP

Dimitri has over 20 years of engineering experience improving critical infrastructure for hospitals and healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, and central plants. His clients appreciate his honesty, practicality, and responsiveness, and value his willingness to get his hands dirty and work alongside his team during the design process. A natural teacher and mentor, Dimitri enjoys working… Read More


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