Moore Biology Building HVAC Upgrades for East Stroudsburg University

Moore Biology is a 3-story, 40,0000 SF building, constructed in 1976. The building houses biology laboratories, faculty offices, classrooms and a small indoor enclosure for keeping and raising living animals and plants.

The University is seeking to replace the existing building chiller assembly, cooling tower, four air handling units (AHUs), hot and chilled water pumps, eleven constant volume fume hoods, and replacement of the existing pneumatic control system with a new DDC control System. In addition, the existing supply, return, exhaust and outside air ductwork, reheat coils, VAV boxes, ducts and diffusers will be cleaned.

Burns Engineering, Inc. (Burns) is providing overall project management, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural engineering services from schematic design through construction for the HVAC upgrades.  Burns’ scope of services includes:

Schematic Design:

  • Performance of site surveys
  • Review of existing record documents
  • Development of heating and cooling load calculations
  • Coordination with University Environmental Health and Radiological Safety (EHRS) Officer and Biology Department Faculty
  • Verification of applicable code requirements
  • Preparation of an order of magnitude cost estimate

Preliminary and Final Design:

  • Finalization of documentation concerning the existing building conditions
  • Evaluation of alternate system options
  • Development of a Basis of Design (BOD) Report
  • Preparation of a sequence of equipment removal and new equipment installation
  • Preparation of bid/permit drawings and specifications

Bid/Construction Administration:

  • Assist University with Contractor bid and qualification evaluations
  • Respond to RFIs, review of shop drawings and evaluate change order requests
  • Punchlist and Project closeout services
  • Preparation of as-built drawings
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Location: East Stroudsburg, PA
Higher Education
Client: East Stroudsburg University

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