SEPTA, Overhaul of Morton and Lenni Substations

SEPTA’s Morton and Lenni Substations were part of the old Pennsylvania Railroad electrification system and had outlived their useful life.

Burns developed Design-Build bridging documents for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the substations. The bridging documents were advanced to 50% design and utilized by a design-build contractor to finalize the design and perform the rehabilitation work associated with each substation. Burns’ scope included the review of existing documentation, preparation of staging documents, analysis of systems, inspection of existing structural steel and foundations, preparation of design specifications for all equipment, and development of design drawings.

Major equipment at each substation included:

  • 138 KV to 12 KV transformers
  • Secondary circuit breakers
  • Control, metering and relay panels
  • Bus section potential transformers
  • Current transformers and lightning arrestors
  • 125 KVA distribution transformers
  • Switches, switch controls and insulated buses
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Location: Morton and Lenni, PA
Railroad & Transit
Client: Client: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

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