Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, Positive Train Control Program Management

The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis, (TRRA) is a terminal railroad company located in the St. Louis metropolitan area and has operations on the Missouri and Illinois sides of the Mississippi River. The company owns and operates Madison yard, a yard that processes approximately 1,100 freight cars per day for intermediate delivery between Class I railroads and approximately 200 cars per day for the 60 industries it serves. The TRRA owns approximately 60 miles of track including the two railroad bridges across the Mississippi in the St. Louis area and provides important routes for railroads through the metropolitan area.

TRRA hired Burns to provide Program Management Services for their Positive Train Control (PTC) project. Burns developed bid specifications for implementation of the PTC project contract(s) and assisted in the selection and negotiation of the contract award. Burns is currently providing Project Management and Construction Related Services to assist the TRRA with the implementation of a safe, reliable and cost-effective PTC system while ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations and industry standards.

Burns developed estimates, procurement strategies, budgets and deployment plans for PTC components and subsystems consistent with maturing standards, and helped TRRA find the most cost-effective strategies for securing the necessary 220 MHz radio frequencies for reliable, interoperable wireless communications. Burns assessed TRRA’s existing ground-based network and designed a highly reliable, redundant system that incorporated all of the security measures required for PTC implementation. Burns also coordinated with tenant and host railroads on issues of interoperability, and aided TRRA in writing a successful grant for assuring FRA government funding to help defray the cost of PTC implementation.

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Location: St. Louis, MO
Railroad & Transit
Smart Infrastructure
Client: The Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

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