Amtrak Wilmington Car Shops 1 and 2

Burns is currently leading a multi-discipline team for the survey, condition inspection, assessment, analysis, and design to complete historically sensitive improvements and partial reconstruction of two vintage rail car maintenance shops.

Numerous problems identified with Shop 1 include a leaky roof, skylights and walls, heavily deteriorated timber column and roof truss framing, insufficient administrative and equipment maintenance space, and inadequate vertical clearance to perform maintenance operations. Shop 2 has a timber-framed roof and exterior masonry walls and is in a similarly unserviceable condition. Major portions of the shops have been closed to Amtrak operations due to safety concerns. The team is replacing deteriorated skylights, roofing, and roof framing with a new roofing system that will comply with current design codes, provide greater clear spans between supports, and allow greater overhead clearance so that the buildings may be better utilized.

Amtrak’s goal is to upgrade these historic shops to create a modern workshop space that includes office facilitieswith  a test laboratory and a multi-use lunch/meeting/training room, an electrical shop storage/warehouse with a layout and staging area, and warehouse space for a Material Control Storage area.

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Location: Wilmington, DE
Railroad & Transit
Client: Amtrak

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