Energy & Utilities

Burns helps large energy users save money and improve resiliency using advanced technologies. Our award-winning designs have enabled our clients to reduce their energy consumption by 20%-30% and have resulted in millions of dollars in energy cost savings.

Burns’ engineers and energy experts are at the forefront of the rapidly changing energy landscape.  We help our clients deliver power systems that maximize resiliency, cost savings and sustainability. As an industry leader in resilient energy infrastructure and microgrid design, we proudly deliver improved sustainability, successful self-funding business models, and the technology to grow capacity, all with real cost savings for our clients.

Our Capabilities Include

Transmission and Distribution Engineering

  • Substation Design
  • Power Flow Modeling and Analysis
  • Underground Ductbank Distribution
  • Aerial Distribution
  • Distribution Automation
  • Protection and control
  • 69kV – 230kV Transmission

Smart Grids and Advanced Microgrid Solutions

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Modeling and Optimization
  • Planning, Design and Implementation
  • Load Management and Automated Demand Response
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Energy Planning

  • Benchmarking and Modeling
  • Energy and Utility Infrastructure Plans
  • Sustainability and Carbon Action Plans

Distributed Energy Resources

  • Cogeneration
  • Renewables
  • Energy Storage
  • Multi-function DER

Transportation Electrification

  • Charging Station Engineering
  • Zero-Emission Mobility
  • Vehicle Charging Business Models
  • Vehicle-to-Grid Services, Support and Use Cases
  • Stationary Storage to Support Vehicle Charging

Energy Reliability and Emergency Preparedness

  • Assessments and Plans
  • Implementation Support
We know we made the right choice with Burns. Even their senior management’s support of the project is outstanding, something that we value greatly. Burns even presents the project on their own time and money at trade shows. That is above and beyond.
Rudy Terry - Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation
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