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Burns is delighted to be invited to speak at the Airport IT 2015 Conference in Barcelona November 17-18. David Kipp, PE, will discuss air safety, air traffic control technologies and airport IT systems with executives from EUROCONTROL, the German Aerospace Centre and the European Commission Directorate of Mobility and Transport during the opening session. Some of the topics to be addressed will be changes in the legal and regulatory landscape, current safety measures and performance-based metrics that can influence airport IT systems.

Hosted by International Airport Review, the Airport IT expo brings together professionals from airports and airlines around the globe to talk and share their ideas for the future. Burns will also be part of the concurrent Airport Security 2015 program, discussing advances in airport physical and electronic security.

Dave is Vice President of Technology Services at Burns and has devoted his professional career to the development of technology systems to support airports’ infrastructure needs. His experience includes critical infrastructure protection, information technology strategic planning and engineering, mission critical facility development, and special systems. Dave serves on the Board of Directors for the Airports Consultants Council and the ACI World Business Partners, as well as on several industry committees on airport security and technology.

Burns is excited to be an active contributor to the future developments of airport information technology, working to increase safety, comfort and efficiency for passengers worldwide.

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