Burns Supports Amtrak Signals and Communications Under New Maintenance Contract

Amtrak train

Burns is proud to serve as Amtrak’s engineering partner for on-call maintenance of wayside communications and signals systems along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), one of the busiest, most complex and economically vital transportation systems in the world.

In December, Amtrak selected a Burns-led team to provide supplemental wayside communications and signal engineering services, complementing the Positive Train Control (PTC) implementation services Burns has performed along the NEC since 2017.

With the new five-year contract, Burns offers a comprehensive “one-stop shop” for engineering services to improve Amtrak’s safety-critical systems, including State of Good Repair projects necessary to maintain Amtrak’s capital assets and to ensure the system continues to operate at a highly safe and reliable level.

Our engineering services will include a complete range of communications and signal services. Areas of focus may include interlockings, automatic block signaling, cab signal, block and control line calculations, grade crossing designs and more.

Burns brings multiple years of experience as an Amtrak partner, providing Indefinite Quantity Task Order contracts for State of Good Repair as well as individual contracts for station and infrastructure design, traction power, electrification, and signals design services.

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