Confidential Utility Company, Vehicle Charging System

Burns integrated electric vehicle charging as part of a microgrid that enhances power reliability, resiliency and carbon neutrality for a mission critical campus. This is a pilot project for a utility to demonstrate how Distributed Generation/Energy assets can be integrated with vehicle charging and building loads.

Included in the project are investigation and selection of vehicle charging systems, capacity considerations for future demand, metering and smart infrastructure, upgrades to the campus power distribution and addition of resilient distributed generation assets.

  • Dual port 7.5 kW Electrical Vehicle Chargers
  • Utility Campus with Main Supply Yard and 4 Critical Buildings
  • ~300kV of solar, (2) 450kW generators, (1) 1MW BESS, (1) 500kW BESS
  • Campus BESS intended for seamless islanding operation
  • Planned integration with Utility DMS
  • SEL Microgrid Controller
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Location: United States
Zero-Emission Mobility
Client: Confidential

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