University of Pennsylvania, Campus Utility Master Plan

The University of Pennsylvania campus in West Philadelphia encompasses 216 buildings and approximately 15.5 million gross square feet on approximately 302 acres.

Burns is providing utility planning, energy consulting and engineering services for the development of a Campus Utility Master Plan.

The Utility Master Plan includes the electrical, steam, and chilled water systems owned by the University of Pennsylvania which serves both the University of Pennsylvania and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  The objectives of this master plan are:

  • Generate a current record of the utility systems on campus
  • Develop an appropriately phased plan for equipment and distribution system additions in support of the campus master plan, as well as for future replacements, modifications, and upgrades
  • Analyze and evaluate the current chilled water system and develop optimized parameters for operation
  • Evaluate options and develop a long-term vision/plan (i.e. 20-50 years) for the future of the utility and energy systems and their associated infrastructure
  • Develop a long-term utility assessment and preventative maintenance plan
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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Higher Education
Client: University of Pennsylvania

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