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Guide to Airport Electrification

By Burns Engineering November 9, 2022 30 MIN

Electrification is bringing unprecedented change to airports across the country. The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), greater adoption of electric heating sources, and anticipated arrival of electric aircraft will reshape power consumption. Electrical loads will likely double — at a minimum.

Environmental commitments and local regulations add further challenges. Cities and states are requiring that large building operators — airports included — reduce on-site emissions.
Capital planning efforts should prepare now for the impact on critical infrastructure. Airports may require significant new sources of power. At the same time, planners will need to implement innovative new strategies to lower emissions while ensuring the reliability and resilience of airport operations.

Burns guides aviation clients through planning, design and implementation strategies to achieve their electrification goals. Our team’s trusted expertise is relied upon to upgrade airport facilities, while navigating the technical, financial, regulatory and operational challenges unique to terminal and airfield environments.

Comprehensive planning efforts can help airports electrify while making progress toward sustainability goals, potentially without incurring additional capital costs. Follow this guide for strategies to expand power capacity, maintain reliability, and eventually decarbonize airport facilities.


  • Electrification Trends
  • Electrical Master Plans
  • Resiliency and Sustainability
  • Innovative Financing Solutions