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Guide to Airport Experiential Multimedia Systems

By Burns Engineering July 18, 2022 30 MIN

Moving beyond static informational systems, more airports are enhancing passenger experience by introducing awe-inspiring dramatic digital canvases, hyper-targeted visual communications, and other cutting-edge multimedia amenities.

The focus on travel experience comes as non-aeronautical revenue from restaurants, shopping and advertising plays a larger role in airport operating budgets. Enhanced multimedia technologies can help raise new sources of revenue and differentiate airports as unique destinations at a time of growing competition.

With a comprehensive approach, airports can create a more coherent architectural space, achieve an unforgettable media experience, and lower system implementation costs.


  • Technology’s Role Creating Unforgettable Passenger Experiences
  • Innovative Advances in Experiential Multimedia Systems
  • Strategic Significance of Comprehensive Content Management

Download the guide

Download the guide

Rendering courtesy of Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.