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Guide to Electrifying Transit Agency Bus Depots

By Burns Engineering March 25, 2023 30 MIN

Zero-Emission Buses (ZEBs) will catalyze a once-in-a-generation redesign of transit agency bus facilities.

Technology costs are falling. Vehicle performance is improving. Several states are passing ZEB mandates. In addition to state and utility grants that can lower the upfront cost of vehicle acquisition and infrastructure, newly available resources from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will provide historic levels of funding to electrify transit facilities.

Transitioning from pilot projects to ZEB fleets will create unprecedented challenges. Larger-scale fleet conversions will take up space, demand new and resilient sources of power, and upend current maintenance and safety processes. Designing a scalable, cost-effective system will require detailed analyses of fleet operations, power capacity, and technology options.

Whether adopting Battery-Electric Buses (BEBs), Fuel-Cell Electric Buses (FCEBs), or a hybrid mix, follow our guide to better understand facility upgrades necessary in the years ahead.


  • Infrastructure Design
  • Strategic Site Selection
  • Microgrids and Resilient Energy
  • Creative Spacing
  • Safety Considerations

Featured Photo Courtesy of Metropolitan Transportation Authority of State of New York