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Alan Dash Boosts Burns’ Healthcare Technology Practice

September 20, 2022

Burns welcomes the addition of Alan Dash, a national leader in healthcare technology solutions and digital transformation strategies.

Healthcare providers trust Alan to guide them throughout technology system design and implementation at brand-new or renovated facilities.

Alan facilitates the decision-making process to enhance hospitals’ technology capabilities, uniting IT, medical, and administrative teams.

“My approach centers on the premise that, as designers and consultants, we need to listen to everyone from hospital leadership to individual nurses to truly discover the providers’ needs — never focusing on a preconceived solution,” Alan said. “It takes time, but eventually we identify the information and communications systems best suited to modernize campus-wide performance or to improve the efficiency and safety of care.”

With three decades of experience as an in-house hospital IT leader and as a technology consultant, Alan has advised several of the country’s largest hospital systems.

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