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Burns Develops Guidance on Airport Security Camera Systems

April 13, 2023

Airports are deploying video surveillance systems with technology capabilities that — just a few years ago — were unimaginable. Rapid advancements are improving airport safety, security, and operational efficiency.

Camera systems can now monitor, detect, and seamlessly communicate with network-connected systems, alerting officials of suspicious or dangerous activities in time to prevent harm or to avoid operational disruption.

The latest guidance from the National Safe Skies Alliance (Safe Skies) provides a methodical design approach to assist airport leaders make informed decisions when optimizing, expanding, upgrading, or replacing video camera systems. The approach recommendations apply real-world, practical experience to ensure that the intricacies of video surveillance systems are accounted for and fully coordinated.

Burns led the research effort, developing a summary report on behalf of Safe Skies’ Program for Applied Research in Airport Security (PARAS).

DownloadPARAS 0034 Optimization of Airport Security Camera Systems

“Continual evolution in camera system technology can make it increasingly difficult to keep up with available options and latest best practices,” said Burns Project Manager René Rieder Jr. “We hope this document will serve as a single-source guide for airports to assess current installations and to evaluate how to best develop and maintain their video-monitoring programs.”

Safe Skies is a non-profit organization that works in collaboration with airports, government and industry to maintain an effective aviation security system. Burns was selected to lead PARAS 0034 for our half century of practical experience and unique insights in airport security design.

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