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Burns Revs Up Electrification Services Across New York

September 28, 2021

With goals to achieve an 18-fold increase in electric vehicle charging stations by 2025, New York’s electric utilities are undertaking the country’s largest expansion in charging infrastructure outside of California.

Burns stands ready to support property owners and fleet operators with fleet electrification planning, design and implementation services. As an Approved Contractor in the Joint Utilities’ Make-Ready Program, our full-service solutions are the first step in navigating program requirements and preparing an application with the local utility.

New York’s six electric utilities now offer more than $600 million in charging infrastructure incentives, reimbursing up to 100 percent of costs for non-residential, publicly accessible charging stations located within Disadvantaged Communities. At minimum, the program — initiated in response to a 2020 Public Services Commission directive — offers incentives covering 50 percent of costs for approved projects on restricted-access or privately owned sites.

Burns provides fleet operators with expertise to manage the logistical and operational challenges transitioning to zero-emission fleets.

Image courtesy of MTA.

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