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Burns Welcomes Carl Kapes, Adding to Grid Modernization Expertise

April 11, 2023

Burns is pleased to announce the addition of Project Manager Carl Kapes.

Carl brings a wealth of utility industry experience in power generation, substation design and maintenance, and the complexities of power distribution. Throughout his career, Carl has developed critical programs and processes for enhancing power transmission and distribution system resilience, hardening system infrastructure, and improving equipment reliability. Recent accomplishments include the successful integration of next-generation distributed energy resources.

“I look forward to supporting Burns’ electric utility clients as well as electric system consumers,” Carl said. “Distributed energy resources are repurposing the role of utility providers. Electrification is rapidly escalating power demand on the electric system. Burns’ expertise in energy resilience, strategic electrification, and decarbonization — combined with a proven ability to develop appropriate interconnection solutions — has become increasingly valuable for utilities and consumers alike during this time of exciting transition.”

Burns’ grid modernization experts advise utilities, power users, and their stakeholders on integration of renewable energy, battery energy storage, and electric vehicle charging systems.

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