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Julie Johnson Lights Up Burns’ Healthcare Designs

April 6, 2022

Burns welcomes the addition of architectural lighting specialist Julie Johnson to lead the company’s Healthcare Lighting Studio.

Recognizing the essential role of lighting design for high-quality patient care, Julie brings 15 years of experience focused on lighting technology innovations and design solutions that can maximize healing environments.

“Lighting benefits go beyond financial savings and improved aesthetics. How spaces are illuminated can determine whether patients feel relaxed, improving their recovery, and — ideally — reducing the amount of time they need to spend in the hospital,” Julie said. “Lighting technologies can elevate how spaces function, remaking hospitals using a hospitality mindset.”

Julie is currently collaborating with industry leaders to update Illuminating Engineering Society’s Recommend Practice for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities (RP-29-20).

Beyond healthcare, Julie’s broader experience includes design of award-winning, innovative lighting concepts for public gathering spaces, historic renovations, research and development facilities, higher-education campuses, and museums.

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