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Nashville International Airport’s Revamped Terminal Features Massive Multimedia Systems

January 24, 2023

Nashville International Airport today opened their Grand Lobby. The dramatic, state-of-the-art facility reunifies the terminal and reimagines the overall passenger experience.

The completely renovated, 200,000-square-foot lobby greets passengers with two 900-square-foot, 12k-high-resolution multimedia displays. The massive digital artwork brings the Lower Broadway entertainment district directly into the terminal and celebrates the culture of Middle Tennessee.

Burns was proud to support Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority throughout their BNA Vision program, including the multimedia features’ production, design and construction.

Burns managed a collaborative process to create custom-developed videos, partnering with production studio Gentilhomme to capture the excitement, sounds and experiences of Music City. The Grand Lobby’s media features follow the common mantra, “Nashville awaits your return.”

As a part of the Corgan-led team, Burns also led design and integration of the Grand Lobby’s low-voltage technology and security systems.

Photo courtesy of Maxime Roux/Gentilhomme Studio

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