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Amtrak, Baltimore Penn Station Next Generation High-Speed Rail (NGHSR) Station/Track Improvements

As one of the principal cities served by Amtrak along the Northeast Corridor (NEC), Penn Station in Baltimore, Maryland is the nation’s eighth busiest station. Patronage at the station is anticipated to increase substantially in the future, in part because of a series of major investment programs planned over the next twenty-five years.

The introduction of Amtrak’s next generation high-speed rail (NGHSR) train fleet represents the future of high-speed service in the Northeast to increase train frequency between New York and Washington.

This project merges capital improvements earmarked in Amtrak’s 2021 Northeast Corridor Service Plan with its high-speed rail fleet procurement. When completed, the first phase of the Baltimore Station NGHSPR Station/Track Improvements will result in the following infrastructure upgrades:

  • New High-Level Platform 5: A new platform with new lighting, signage, PIDS, security, power outlets, canopy roof, and drainage system.
  • New Pedestrian Bridge and Platform 5 Headhouse: The new pedestrian bridge will allow access to new boarding platforms, and the headhouse will include a new elevator, escalator, and stairs.
  • Platform 2 Conversion: The existing low-level platform will be removed and replaced with a new high-level platform for passenger access to other tracks.
  • Signal Improvement: The improvements will include relocation of interlocking signals to coincide with a new clearance point that was replaced in a previous interlocking renewal project.
  • Security Enhancements: The new systems include video surveillance, egress gate access control, fire alarm, passenger information display, public address and Wi-Fi systems.

The Next Generation High-Speed Rail Infrastructure Improvements will be complete in 2023.

Renderings courtesy of JacobsWyper Architects 

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