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Confidential Retail Client, 69kV Power Substation

Supporting a design/build approach, Burns provided electrical and structural design services for the installation of a new 69kV customer interconnection to Atlantic City Electric’s power distribution system.

Pursuing a critical schedule with a cost-efficient design solution, Burns navigated the complex design standards and utility interconnection requirements of supplying 15 MegaWatts of power capacity for a major retailer’s new 1-million-square-foot distribution warehouse.

Burns coordinated closely with our primary client, the project’s electrical construction firm, as well as with equipment vendors, the property owner, and Atlantic City Electric to design and specify major electrical equipment:

  • H-Frame structure for incoming the 69kV with potential transformer (PT) and current transformer (CT) components
  • 72.5kV-rated SF6 primary breaker
  • 69-12kV customer-owned transformer
  • 15kV-rated air switch
  • 69kV- and 15kV-rated conductors
  • Relay protection and control system equipment
  • Additional electrical distribution elements.

Facility modifications required a dynamic and collaborative approach, ensuring the transmission system’s design would accommodate sufficient power capacity. The structural design process produced a custom specification to support and fortify the incoming power feed’s cabling system.

Project design occurred at a time of unusual supply chain disruptions. Burns coordinated closely with the procurement and construction teams to minimize delays and to reduce construction costs.

The substation went into service November 2023.


Logan, NJ


Confidential Retail Client

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