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Confidential Utility Client, Fleet Electrification Charging Systems

A major utility is achieving corporate fleet electrification goals by replacing end-of-life combustion vehicles with:

  • Fully electric light-duty vehicles
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for light- and medium-duty fleets
  • Medium-duty and heavy-duty bucket trucks equipped with power-take off (ePTO) systems

EV charging solutions are being installed at eight corporate and maintenance facilities located across the utility’s service territory. During field operations, utility trucks equipped with plug-in ePTO systems will enable service crews to rely on batteries for auxiliary power rather than continuously idling.

Burns designed and supported implementation of a customized vehicle charging infrastructure strategy. Burns collaborated with the charging infrastructure vendor to adjust standard charger cord lengths and other site-specific equipment designs. The customized strategy will ensure charging accessibility within parking lanes as well as on the facilities’ elevated platforms.

Burns’ scope involved:

  • Coordinating with the utility to determine appropriate charging station locations and use cases
  • Reviewing existing electrical infrastructure and power demands at each facility
  • Designing electrical-distribution systems that could easily scale over time. Power capacity requirements are expected to evolve as the utility progresses toward their fleet electrification goals
  • Designing charging infrastructure for ePTO systems and light-duty vehicle fleets
  • Incorporating smart charging technology that balances daily electricity demand

Burns’ zero-emission mobility services provide multi-disciplinary engineering solutions for battery-electric and hydrogen-powered fleets. Clients include utilities, transit agencies, airports, government agencies, and commercial trucking operators.


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Confidential Utility Client

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