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Newark Liberty International Airport, Vehicle Charging System and Infrastructure

To advance the Port Authority’s commitment to an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas by 2050 and accommodate the popularity of electric vehicles, they are greatly expanding the availability of public charging facilities at Newark International.

Their new 2.5-million SF Consolidated Rental Car complex will include a parking garage with the infrastructure to simultaneously charge 100 electric vehicles. This lays the groundwork for Newark to host the largest airport installment of vehicle chargers in the country and receive financial incentives from the State of New Jersey.

Burns is responsible for the engineering and design of the resilient, reliable, rapid and scalable charging infrastructure, which will allow project implementation to proceed in phases, including:

  • Identifying the best options for Turnkey charging systems, specifying ChargePoint dual port, level 2, 7.5 kW chargers.
  • Evaluating and engineering service size to accommodate 340 kW of connected load, along with the system panels, transformers, routes of conduit and ties into the main switchgear.
  • Integrating smart meters and submetering to measure consumption, charge rates and speeds and to determine costs and billing models.
  • Engineering redundancy through two medium voltage services, distributed through two transformers and double-ended switchgear
  • Designing and supporting procurement for an interconnected 4-MegaWatt rooftop photovoltaic array, which will also support the charging system.


Newark, NJ


The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey



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