NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island
Operating Room Ventilation and Dehumidification Upgrades

Burns designs upgraded air handling system for ten hospital operating rooms, reducing electricity use, improving building comfort and enhancing sterility controls.

NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island (formerly NYU Winthrop Hospital) is a 591-bed medical center and Level 1 trauma center. The hospital’s ventilation system circulated air at continuous rates regardless of facility operations, resulting in excessive electricity consumption. Outdated moisture controls struggled to maintain appropriate humidity levels, especially during days of warmer weather.

Burns upgraded the hospital to a higher-efficiency ventilation control system. The new air handling units will automatically adjust airflow levels while operating rooms are unoccupied, saving electricity over the equipment’s lifetime.

The upgrade also involved new humidity controls and dehumidification equipment that pretreat outdoor air to achieve code-required moisture levels, preventing risk of indoor mold and reducing spread of infections.

Similar projects included engineering support for NYU Winthrop Hospital’s Central Utility Plant and Brandon Regional Hospital’s HVAC Master Plan.

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Location: Long Island, NY
Client: NYU Langone Hospital

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