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San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, Old Town Corridor Overhead Catenary System

Burns designed additional traction power sectionalizing to support single tracking along portions of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) Mid-Coast Trolley Project, expanding operational efficiency for maintenance and construction activities.

One of the largest infrastructure developments in San Diego history, the Mid-Coast Trolley project connects the downtown region with areas of booming population and employment growth to the north of the city.

The railway extension connects at an often-congested, three-mile stretch known as the Old Town Corridor. To prevent service interruptions and to facilitate expanded service, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) initiated a single-tracking project along the corridor. In addition to operational improvements, single-track capability yields cost savings by allowing maintenance and construction during daylight hours.

As a subcontractor to Pacific Railway Enterprises, Burns provided Overhead Catenary System (OCS) and Traction Power project management, engineering and design services for the following improvements:

  • Replacement of cantilevers and reprofiling mainline catenary through a sectionalized double crossover.
  • Installation of new constant tension cantilevers for each cross over track, high-speed section insulators on mainline and crossover catenaries, and pole mounted disconnect switches to feed the mainline and insulated diamond.
  • Construction of a portal structure to support crossover catenary and switchgear.

Construction along the 11-mile extension completed in 2021.

Burns offers a comprehensive combination of traction power, overhead contact, communications, and signal systems design and construction solutions. Our team helps to maintain, improve and expand railroad and transit infrastructure programs across the country.


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