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Spokane International Airport, Aircraft Ground Power System and Infrastructure

Spokane International Airport, via the VALE program, implemented ground-based electric power for parked cargo aircraft, avoiding the higher costs and air pollution associated with jet fuel.

Burns led engineering and procurement support for the $2.2-million Spokane International Airport (GEG) Cargo Aircraft Ground Power System. The project involved the design of new, all-electric power infrastructure and Ground Power Unit (GPU) layout for the cargo area. GPUs provide intermittent electrical power from the airport’s electrical infrastructure to the aircraft, instead of running the jet fuel combustion engine while parked. GEG replaced aging 400Hz GPUs with multiple 90KVA state-of-the-art dual output GPUs. Burns led the engineering of new electrical services, utility coordination and related infrastructure. The project resulted in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner, healthier environment for airport passengers and employees, and surrounding communities.


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