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Jonathan Schimpf, PE, LEED AP

Railroad & Transit Project Manager

Jonathan is up for any challenge, especially if it means he can deliver the very best solutions to his clients. After spending a year on-site serving as Burns’ field representative for the new automated people mover system at Miami International Airport, Jon firmly established his passion for helping his clients succeed. His expertise in AC and DC traction power substation design, electrical distribution system design, traction power modeling and simulations, catenary system design and project construction oversight, coupled with his humbly confident personality, make him an invaluable asset to our management team.

Jonathan has collaborated on the following projects

  • Amtrak, Zoo-to-Paoli Traction Power Upgrades
  • Automated People Mover Operating System for Orlando International Airport
  • SEPTA Media Sharon Hill Line, Communications-Based Train Control
  • Miami International Airport, MIA Mover Automated People Mover
  • Amtrak, Traction Power & Signal Power Arc Flash

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