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The difference between what one could do, and what one should do, for airport technology systems and infrastructure is the question.

Clients trust Burns with the answer.

More than 60% of the top U. S. airports and airlines look to Burns for solutions that leverage technology to create operational, experiential, and security performance advantages.

From the moment a passenger purchases their tickets to the moment their flight arrives, data gives insight that owners can capitalize on, via opportunities for increasing revenues, passenger satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Burns provides the client education, experience insight and innovation leadership that enable better and faster C-suite decision making. To harness the potential of these opportunities, look to Burns to:

Inspire with innovations that provide a demonstrable, competitive benefit.

Create integrated systems and technologies solutions, that future-proof investments.

Deliver systems and infrastructure that delight, protect and provide return on investment.

Engineering Solutions & Core Competencies

Information and Communication Technologies
Unparalleled knowledge and expertise in the technology and infrastructure systems that support airline and airport operations.
Special Systems
Aviation special systems, ranging from digital signage and experiential media, to smart ground transportation and dining that delight passengers and inform owners.
Security Analysis and Systems
Robust surveillance, tracing and reporting infrastructure systems that keep airports secure and operational, with passenger-friendly design to keep the airport successful.

Leadership Team

David A. Kipp, PE
David A. Kipp, PE
Vice President of Technology Services
Dave’s more than 30 years' experience includes critical infrastructure protection, information technology strategic planning and engineering, mission critical facility development, and special systems.
Kevin J. Shertz, PE
Kevin J. Shertz, PE
Director of Aviation Technology Services
Kevin’s innovative nature is a perfect fit in the ever-evolving technology world, and helps him lead his team to create advanced and effective Information and Communications Technology solutions for his clients.
Burns has been a long-time partner with us on numerous programs. Their aviation leadership team consistently provides exceptional technical solutions.
Katherine Goudreau, Managing Director, Corporate Real Estate - American Airlines