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Matthew Meier, PE, CTS-D and Nicholas May Present at 2024 Passenger Terminal Expo

April 10, 2024

Matthew Meier and Nicholas May will be moderating and presenting at the Passenger Terminal Expo, on Tuesday, April 18th in Frankfurt, Germany.

Taking place over three days, the international conference invites market leaders to address key issues affecting developments, share views, exchange ideas, benefit from the experiences of peers, and seek innovation and solutions.

First, join Matthew as he moderates the panel discussion, “Enriching travelers with art, experience, and imagination.” The panel will explore lessons learned from multimedia technology, focusing on how the design, procurement and implementation approaches impact the delivery of these highly creative, complex and technical creations.

Next, join Nick as he participates in the panel discussion, “Electrification – not so ‘shocking’ ways to prepare for the now/future.” The panel will discuss the current and future demands of utility and power including looking at new technologies and CX initiatives that require electricity, and how to work with current infrastructure to meet existing needs.

Burns partners with airport leaders to reimagine the passenger experience, improve efficiency, and create world-class facilities.

Download our guide for strategies to achieve electrification, resiliency and sustainability goals, as well as our guide for developing, procuring, and managing construction of the many specialized systems essential for a successful experiential multimedia system.